DAY 22: SATURDAY 20 AUGUST 2011 Plitvička Jezera (Croatia) – Forno di Zaldo (Italy)

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Camping Costs: Camping Al Pez €26.80 – 1 night

We were up, packed up and gone by 8.30hr! We had decided to miss out Venice as most of the campsites wanted a weeks booking, we only wanted to stay for 2 nights. Instead we were going to head for Northern italy, then using our already purchased Swiss Vignette to bomb through Switzerland and straight through France, using the fast motorways. We didn’t want to get stuck in expensive Austria or Switzerland again. Unfortunately we only had a large map of Italy to guide us. A day driving on toll roads, and as we left Croatia, we got stuck in a queu of Italian cars that were also leaving Croatia. We headed into Italy navigated by Wendy and maps. Needless to say, we took an incorrect exit and ended up in a horrendous traffic jam! Once through it, we found our way back onto the correct course. We finally beat all the traffic and navigational errors and found camping in a small mountain town. It was a no car next to tent camp, but the man let us camp in a field next to a motorhome. We noticed toilet paper in the spot we had to put our tent, so we decided to stay only one night. We put up our tent and then went in search of a beer. After being told that there wasn’t a bar, we wondered around and just happened upon a bar! We treated ourselves to an Italian beer. A pasta dinner and an early dinner.


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