DAY 23/24: 21/22 AUGUST 2011 Forno di Zaldo (Italy) – Altkirch (France)

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Camping Costs: Camping Les Acaises €32 – 2 nights incl. electricity

We were up late, but still managed to pack up and leave in good time! It was a long drive today. We managed to find a garage for diesel and luckily some better maps. We started our navigation out of Italy, through Austria, into Switzerland and finally…just through the border into France. Once in France we decided to stop for dinner as it was very late, then go and find a campsite. After a nice pizza and salad, we went in search for a campsite…what a search that was. After driving and driving we finally found signs to a campsite! We were saved! This was the latest we had ever left it to find a camp – 21.00hrs! We set up tents, had showers and put Cassie to sleep. We would spend 2 nights here so we could relax.



We woke up at leisure today. Wendy washed some more clothes and then we went in search of a supermarket. We didn’t have anything for breakfast, so stopped off and bought some croissants along the way. After wondering through town, we hadn’t found a supermarket, so we sat and had a coffee. We had also seen signs for a swimming pool, but couldn’t see find it anywhere. Dan asked a man if there was a supermarket and he gave us directions. We did minimal shopping as we had to carry it all the way back again, and it was a trek back to the campsite. Back at the campsite, we decided to hop into the car and go in search of the swimming pool… unfortunately we did not find it. Back at the campsite, Dan and Cassie went to the bar to use the internet. The couple that run the campsite have 2 children and they connected a hosepipe to a tap and started running in the spray. Cassie went and joined in. After a good run around, Cassie and the daughter came back to our camp to watch Lady and the Tramp. Dan did a few housekeeping bits to the Landy whilst Wendy baked in the sun. After awhile, Cassie went back to join the fun in the hosepipe, and Dan and Wendy joined them too. That evening we went up to the bar and partook in a couple of beers and iced tea for Cassie. After putting Cassie to bed sudden rain came down. It wasn’t hard, but strange as there were no clouds about to warn of rain. Dan and Wendy went to bed with Thunder and lightening. It didn’t last long, thankfully, as we dreaded the thought of having to pack wet tents in the morning.

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