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Poor Tusky

Carole and Daniel have decided that they would like to look for a small camping fridge. We looked for a Decathlon and used the GPS find our way. It was along the way and we were heading towards Bari now.

We found a Decathlon, but were not in luck, they did not stock any fridges what-so-ever! As we were near the shops, we decided to stop off and get our food shopping done for the next few days. As we were packing the cars and fridge with our food shop, Dan and Daniel noticed an oil leak.

It turns out that the vacuum pump is seriously leaking. We need to get to a garage and get the right part to fix this situation. Dan used the GPS to locate the nearest Land Rover garage, and off we set on a search for this garage and a way to get the part we would require.

The first garage we find is no longer open to business. This is a set back that we did not expect or want. The day is wearing on and time is ticking. We managed to locate another Land Rover garage, and so the search continues. This time we are in luck! The garage is still in business, but we have now hit Siesta time and so we have to wait for 14.00hrs till we can find out if they have a part or can order one for us. We decide to go to a truck café we saw just down the road to have a snack and drink.

When we get back to the garage, the guy is extremely helpful. He says that he can order the part, but it may take as long as 48hrs to be delivered. Give him an hour or so and he will see what he can do for us. It turns out that he is able to get the part delivered for the next day, we just have to collect it after 14.00hrs. We thank him profusely and set off to find a campsite that isn't too far away.

The campsite we found was just up the road. It had a swimming pool, points for Cassie, and it had bungalows, points for Carole. Carole and Daniel rented a bungalow and we took a pitch. We decided to stay for 2 nights so that Dan had time to fit the pump and not worry. As we pulled up to our pitch, Dan got worried about being able to work on the Landy. It wasn't a secluded spot. We went and had a look at a pitch that we would be able to 'upgrade' to if we wanted. It was more expensive and came with it's own sea view terrace. Dan was happier with the privacy this pitch provided, and so we moved.

The terrace adjoined to our pitch

The time at he campsite was spent relaxing. The next day Wendy and Cassie spent the day at the pool whilst Dan worked on the Landy and Carole and Daniel did things they wanted to catch up on. It was a nice lazy stop despite the reason for stopping. We explored the beach, went for a swim in the sea and had a lovely braai on the terrace on the last evening. Ready to leave in the morning and do one mammoth drive. We were going to try and cover the whole distance to Bari tomorrow, making up for lost time.

Cassie & Wendy enjoying the sun & pool

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