Getting Ready for the Summer

A 2 minute read, Posted by Dan on Sun, May 26, 2013
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With the weather getting better and a short camping trip planned for next weekend, we decided this weekend was probably the most sensible time to get the tent on the Landy and the awning set up, ready for opportunities to go camping and the summer trip. The other good thing given that this weekend is a bank holiday is that next weekend should be quieter! The roads and transport systems in the UK just can't cope when we all decide to move in one go.

Thanks to a friend giving me a lift getting the roof tent on was a breeze. This year, I have made some tweaks.

The first. The tent is mounted about 6 or 8 inches further forward. This I am hoping will make the car feel a little more stable, while still allowing the rear door to open easily.

The second tweak, was to fit some locating pegs to the back of the tent to remedy the problem I mentioned in this blog post that caused the base to sag and create an uncomfortable step. I'll write about that further later.

Actually we also made a third tweak. That was to create some drain holes in the lower side of the tent cover. We noticed when we removed the tent last year that we had some water sitting in the bottom of the cover. These holes should allow moisture to be dispelled.

This leads to another thing I should mention. We have been working on ideas for the summer, we intend this year to again go on a 'Big' trip. Note that I say ideas and not planning or plans. Why? Well we are not sure if our aspirations will match our plans. We had to have some house work done this year that cost a small fortune. We'll reveal more in the near future on the trip though. So stay tuned.

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