On Friday, I needed to get a lightweight stove for a quick camping microadventure on Saturday night. I did not want to buy one and was considering self heating meals and no coffee in the morning. Until I found inspiration from a post on twitter to a video by Tom Allen.

I decided to have a go at building my own also. I had some mentholated spirit for fuel, I just needed a drink can to make the stove. After a quick trip to the local shop, and with my thirst quenched I had my raw material.

Trimmed the top and bottom sections. Bottom section is about 30mm high, the top is about 50mm.

Creat flues in the side of the can with a knife. Small at the top. Large at the bottom. These form the generator.

Mate both sections

The ridges are critical. They are small at the top, large at the bottom. They form the fuel generator.

Add a small hole using a pin just under the top lip.

Add a small amount of fuel, approx 5mm deep.

Light, wait 10 seconds for fuel to heat in the generator.

Once hot the fuel vaporises in the side ridges, which is the generator the flames only burn on the outside.

It took about 5 minutes to boil two cups of water.

Weights very little too.

Field test!

I was pleasantly surprised by the stove, it had no trouble heating my dinner or boiling water in my coffee maker. Just keep it out of the wind.

If you want to know how these work. Check out this page.

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