Almost ready, but where are we going? Can you help?

A 1 minute read, Posted by Dan on Thu, Jul 25, 2013
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So tomorrow we depart for our next trip. Yet again I am nervous, this time we are once again unaccompanied, and heading to new territory. Why do people keep asking if we will be safe?

We have spent the last two evenings getting stuff together, packing the boxes and making sure we are organised. What have we forgotten?

I would say we have about two thirds of the kit in the Land Rover, so that after work tomorrow we can chuck in the last few items and hit the road.

When we get off the Chunnel (Channel Tunnel) in Calais, we'll be heading in the general direction of Reims, before we bear slightly further towards east to head down through Germany, Austria.

It is at this point we are even more vague about what we are planning. Do we head down the coast to Albania, through Croatia / Montenegro. Then on the way back go through central Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina? Or do we do it the other way, Bosnia & Herzegovina, central Montenegro to Albania?

Feel free to help direct us! Perhaps another route is better.

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