Day 5 - Ramsau am Dachstein to Bovec

A 2 minute read, Posted by Dan on Wed, Jul 31, 2013
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Not a lot happened today. Today was a relatively short hop to one of our favourite areas, we have been to Bovec several times, normally because it is convenient to stop at on our journey to where ever we are going. The difference this time was that we wanted to stay at a campsite we had walked through near the river Koritnica, which is actually in Vodenca about 2 km from Bovec. Having left early from yesterdays campsite, stopped for breakfast and lunch we arrived relatively early at about 1330. Unfortunately the reception of the campsite was closed until 1600.

Getting here was interesting, we used the Wurzen pass on the way out of Austria which features 18% inclines and a few hair pins, for this with the fully loaded Landy low range is fairly useful. This was followed by using the 206 road which goes from Kranjska Gora to Bovec. This road we had previously travel in the other direction several years ago and resulted in Cassie reliving her breakfast. This road, has some pretty serious gradients and cobbled sections, the views are spectacular. There are 50 numbered hairpin turnings, but I would say at least a hundred turns in total, as they are only numbered if they are proper hairpins! I think both of these roads feature on the Dangerous roads website.

At Vodenca, as we knew the area, we just left the car on the side of the road and wandered down to the river, to have lunch on the other side. To cross the river you have to use one of the wire bridges, which Wendy does not like, Cassie and I bounced over it in joy!

The water was no warmer than usual, it must be about 10 degrees Celsius, cold enough to cause pain in your feet and hands. Cassie got dunked for soaking me having promised she would not and I eventually managed to get in and out in a very short second. Wendy took the option of looking pretty on the stoney beach. By the time this was done it was almost time for the reception to open so we killed the last few minutes, having a Radler at the bar.

The plan for tomorrow was to have a chilled day of walking and swimming.

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