Day 10 - Bihac to Jajce

A 2 minute read, Posted by Dan on Mon, Aug 5, 2013
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We had a short day today, we left the campsite at a leisurely pace and drove around 150km to Jajce. It looked to be a fairly simple drive following the road numbered 5 for Sarajevo. Jajce was before Sarajevo but signs did not appear until about 70km from Bihac.

I have this thing about having to have my headlights on in the summer, I know it is the law in a lot of countries. But I just don't like it. I would understand in the winter, but in the summer it does nothing but waste fuel! Anyhow this again got me pulled over by the Police (it also happened in Serbia twice and once in Montenegro), I did not see them in time to put the lights on, a grumpy cop pulled me over in a Serbian part of the country as we passed through. I apologised pretending to be forgetful, he asked me to get out and demanded documents, we had everything so he did not seem too fussed. He asked where we were going, I pointed at Jajce on the map. He sent us on the way. We joked that had it not been in the Serbian part the cops would not have cared. We did pass lots of Police prior to the incident and got away with it. Oh well. It was fun!

Anyway we got to Jajce in time for lunch by the lake, followed by a swim and a beer in the local lake side restaurant, Cassie spent time looking at the fish and getting Damsel flies to land on her hand. The lake was nice and had interesting mills, but was not the most pleasant place to swim.

Later we went looking for the "Autocamp" we had passed, it was simple, not next to the lake and once we were in, fairly pleasant. We spent the afternoon catching up on stuff. Reading on the grass and checking maps etc. I also checked out routes to Lukomir.

By the way, Jajce is a candidate for a UNESCO site.

We finished the evening by having dinner and several locals beers. We also booked into a Sarajevo Hotel online to allow us to explore tomorrow. Tomorrow we planned to have a look around Jajce and head for Sarajevo.

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