Day 11 - Jajce to Sarajevo

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We packed up fairly sharpish this morning the plan was to have coffee and breakfast in Jajce, then explore. We got in to town easily from the campsite and managed to find parking. Dan accidentally purchased a day of parking for 5 KM (about 2.5 euro). Jajce is a candidate for a Unesco site, so we expect to find something fairly special.

As we walked into what we thought was the Old Town, the traffic was immense. The heat was already building and we decided to stop and have a coffee and breakfast before we headed out to explore. This being easier said than done. All the cafés were a little strange, so we opted for the most full…going with the thought process that if it's full, it must be ok. We decided to order a cappuccino instead of a coffee…we will not do this again. We promptly drank up and left.

After wondering around and down a slippery, pebble polished set of stairs (from all the wear), we had no idea where we were going. We couldn't find the Old Town or the waterfalls mentioned to fall from Jajce.

As we still had not eaten, our stomachs won and we headed for the Pekara (bakery) we had seen on our way in to get some breakfast, or now, brunch. Cassie asked if we could go to the underground church she had seen a sign for, so we headed for that. Low and Behold! We were in the the Old Town. We should have simply headed that way to begin with. We paid 6KM for all of us to go down into the catacombs. They weren't extensive, but still a lot cooler than outside as the heat was blaring and interesting. A shame that on many of the alls there was engraved graffiti as well.

After we wondered up to the top of the Old Town walls, we had a look around and decided to start our journey to Sarajevo. The drive was a hot one. As we entered the city, we found it hard to navigate with our large scale map and a guide book city centre map. We eventually managed to get onto a road that was shown on the map in our Bradt guide book. From here we were able to navigate ourselves.

Parking … Oh parking!

There was none!

We navigated the one way system roughly 4 times before we decided to head on out of the city and find a hotel on the outskirts, with parking, and catch a taxi into the centre. Just on the fringe of the one way system there was a petrol station and a tiny hotel next door. It had parking! Dan pulled in and went to ask if they had a room for the night and the cost. BINGO! We were in. We decided to have a shower, a beer and then go out and explore Sarajevo and find some dinner.

As we wondered in, Dan had seen an Apple store at the Sarajevo School of Arts, so we decided to head there and see if they had some noise cancelling headphones for Dan and Cassie to use. Cassie wanted to cross the bridge on the entrance to the centre as it was "curly". We then decided to get a city map so we could find the Turkish quarter (Baščaršija) where the guide book said it was the best place to get a feel for Sarajevo. After wondering a bit and finding the quarter, we explored the stalls and did some souvinir shopping. Cassie and I bought some clothing from a shop that sold only hand made Bosnian clothes. Cassie got a shawl/poncho and Wendy got a lovely top.

We then went in search of a place that sold ćevapi, as we had seen everyone sitting outside on the street restaurants eating ćevapi. Ćevapi is a meat sausage made from lamb or beef, or a mix, in a pita type bread served with sour cream/yoghurt and onions. It was lovely! The restaurants were full and after wondering around a bit we found one where the waiter put us on a table with another lady. She happened to be a student from Holland doing her Thesis in Bosnia on Genoside and Reconciliation. She was very good company and a lovely dinner partner to chat to.

From here we looked for a place to have a beer, but being in the muslim part of the town, beer was a tad hard to find being served. We decided to just head back to the hotel and have a beer there. An opportunity to update this blog!

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