Day 16 - Koplic, Lake Shkrodër

A 3 minute read, Posted by Dan on Sun, Aug 11, 2013
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We decided to stay two nights at Lake Shkodër. Today we woke slowly, having been woken by Cassie in the middle of the night again. After we finally dragged her sleeping items into the tent, thunder rolled in. There had been a little rain too, but not a significant amount. Needless to say, it was a little bit of a restless night.

The day was warming up already by mid morning, and I had decided that the sheets, towels and pillow cases needed to be washed. We also needed to get some food. We asked the owner of the campsite if here was a shop close by and he said yes, just walk up to the main road, over the bridge and there is a shop there. So we handed over our washing, as he had a machine, and set off for the shop.

As we walked we were shocked by the rubbish we saw on the side of the road and dumped in ditches, We passed two young boys by the overpass burning their rubbish. It was a reminder that Albania still had ways to go.

We were perspiring by the time we got to the shop and had to stop for a cold drink at one of the bars. Afterwards we went to the shop and bought essentials .. water, beer, biscuits and other food items. Now for the walk back!

Back at the campsite, Cassie made friends with a young girl from a German family staying a few pitches down. She played all afternoon with Lea and her brother Nic. It was nice for her to have company, and Lea wanted to practice her English as she had recently started learning it at school.

All day Thunder had been rumbling in the background but despite this, it had been warm and sunny.. with a slight cloudy haze. But by afternoon, the lightening started making an appearance and we decided to pack up Cassie's tent and head for the restaurant/bar. And a good thing we did, as the heavens opened with an almighty bang and gush of wind and it did not let up for hours!

We had grabbed a table inside and here we stayed for the most of the evening. Eventually to be joined by Frank and Anjita, Cassie's new found friends' parents. The evening was great. We swopped travelling stories, places to visit and even swopped blog addresses. It's always nice to make friends along the way, so thanks Fank and Anjita for a great evening.

There was also a second Land Rover at the camp, owned by a Scottish couple that were travelling. We had spoken to them the day before about their set up and swopped maps for tips on places to travel. Anyway, Gus and Helen also ended up at the bar/restaurant and as our table was already full, they sat with a trio of Austrian guys next door to us. As the evening progressed, they ended up joining our table too. We all had a wonderful time drinking wine and beer and swopping stories. Thanks Gus and Helen for your tips and your extending fork!

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