The Land Rover - Our first vehicle

The time old question: Land Rover or Land Cruiser?

There are Land Rover fanatics and there are Land Cruiser fanatics, it all boils down to personal preference, in all honesty Dan has a sweet spot for both. Ideally we would have a BJ42, a troopie, a Defender 90 and a 110. By the way the BJ42 and the 90 should be soft tops or rag tops as they are known in Great Britain.

So many people would laugh after reading that and say “Mate, there really is no choice in the matter, it’s a Land Rover out right… Land Cruiser… I ask you, what are you thinking!?” Especially in the UK, we did start thinking Land Rover and nothing else to begin with. Firstly because Dan’s always wanted a Land Rover and secondly, everyone doing this kind of trip uses a Land Rover. Don’t they?

You should see a picture of our Land Rover here.

Well, after looking into this more and finding a couple that are doing a similar route to us with 2 kids Cassie’s age, in a Land Cruiser, we looked towards the Land Cruiser a tad more. For our requirements and having Cassie on board, a Land Cruiser seemed the better option. A little more space, a little more comfort…

But Dan yearned for a Defender and as his 30th birthday approached and the Land Rover talking got more incessant, Wendy agreed that we should go the Landy route. The search was on!

Eventually the Defender was found at a dealer in Surrey, and was named Tusky by the girls.

Tusky, is a 1996 Defender 110 which was fairly standard in spec and would need a few changes to be both our travelling vehicle of future trips and our daily driver. When we purchased her she had 150,000 miles on the clock. Barely run in some would say. The picture above is how she looked on delivery.

Over the pages in this section it would be nice to tell you about some of the changes we have made, would like to change and plan to change.